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Stallion Security Products

Stallion Security Products

Bullet Resistant Doors & Windows
Stallion Security maintains a workshop for the production of bullet resistant doors and windows in addition to armored gates, safe rooms, partitions, cars ...etc.
Stallion Security uses advanced technical expertise for installing bullet proof windows.

Bullet Resistant Steel Doors are manufactured from reinforced steel, lined with an additional bullet resistant exterior strike plate. Doors are available with a variety of glazing arrangements, and each door is customized to meet your specific requirements. Existing frames can be used, or a selection of ballistic anodized aluminum, steel (welded), or steel (knock-down) are available.

TS-G style doors have a rear retaining flange, available in painted steel or stainless steel. View Windows have clamp-on style retaining flanges, available in painted steel or stainless steel.

Bullet Resistant Windows:
Each unit is customized and fabricated to fit your specified opening. Available without glazing or with your choice of bullet resistant glazing.